Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Joe says he'll be all done here with our renovation work by Wednesday. I hope he's right. He's a wonderful man, but I'm ready not to see him every day! I'm ready to have my home, my sanctuary back in order.

I cracked a whip over daughter today (figuratively) and had her go through the boxes and bags of stuff out of her room. I was hoping for a few more bags full to go to Goodwill and a few less bags full to either store in the attic or return to her room. Oh well, every little bit of de-clutter on her part helps. In all this, I've seen just what an addition the child, scratch that, the young woman has for cosmetics and health and beauty products. She certainly doesn't get that from me!

I took the ham out of the freezer today to thaw for Christmas. I'd bought a picnic ham back during Thanksgiving thinking The Boyfriend would be with us, but when that plan changed, I decided to freeze the ham. I'm hoping that husband will de-bone it for me, and I'll bake it with a honey mustard glaze. I'll also do some of the veggie side dishes that didn't get made at Thanksgiving--a nice squash casserole, maybe another of husband's favorite sweet potato casseroles, some fresh green beans....Mmmm. I'm hungry thinking about it.

We missed our guild meeting in Atlanta today because daughter dear has been ill. She ran a 102 degree fever Thursday and woke up with it yesterday along with a terribly sore throat. I wasn't about to risk that this was strep, so off to the docotor we went to find out that it's just a viral throat infection and nothing to do for it but wait it out. The fever is gone today, but she's still stuffy in her nose and has a little sore throat. By some miracle, Boyfriend isn't sick. He must have super immune powers or something.


Blogger Tapsalteerie said...

It's funny, Jim never gets sick from us, but we get sick from him. One of the downsides to working in the ER I guess!

I hope you get your home back to yourself soon!

A Christmas ham sounds yummy!

10:50 PM  

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