Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Plugging Away

Saints be praised, there have only been the three of us in this house since Friday afternoon. I am delighted not to have a plumber or handyman of any sort here with me. May it be a looooong time before I have to have them here again.

We are slowly getting things in order in the house. Yesterday, we cleaned the office and dining room. I've put my Dutailier glider and ottoman in the office. My chair is not as plush as the ones they make now. I got it during my 7th or 8th month of pregnancy with daughter (who's almost 16). That chair was a lifesaver. While I was still pregnant, it was just about the only place I could find any comfort for my poor, aching back. After daughter was born, husband and I both spent many hours rocking her in that chair. I love it for the physical comfort factor and for all the happy memories it brings back to me. I'm glad to have room to use it again. It had been sitting neglected in daughter's room previously.

The downstairs is shaping up. Daughter still has a bunch of stuff in the sun room, but I'm hoping she'll tackle that today. We have an old book case in the den that needs to go somewhere else--Goodwill? My final chores are to get tehe sun room and laundry room mopped. I think husband dusted the laundry room already, but if he hasn't, I'm sure he will if I ask nicely. Oh, and then there is the kitchen upstairs. Isabella bunny is currently living in a cage in the eat in part of the kitchen, and the table is still covered with daughter's school books from her exam studying. Now that her room is in order, she can take those away. One step at a time, and we're getting closer to our goal of having our home back.


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