Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

In spite of the fact that my head feels like it is three times the size it should be, I'm very glad that Spring is officially here. The cold weather has gotten me down this year, even though we didn't have that bad of a winter. I don't know if it is my "advanced" age (ha ha--44 is not old), or the pain of shelling out so much money to SCE&G, but winter was rough. Here's hoping that Spring doesn't immediately roll into a blazing Summer! :)

Husband and I have an "art" project of sorts for the weekend. He's going to play Michelangelo and paint the ceiling of our family room. It's been in need for several months now, and we're both eager to have it done. I am most likely going to take on the back stairs stairwell, a job that's been waiting since, oh, last summer, and my office wall which was torn out during the Plumbing Disaster of '08. Unfinished projects annoy me, so having these things done will be a relief.

Daughter has plans to help out with the tech crew at her HS. The big Spring Musical is coming up in just a couple of weeks. They are putting on Fiddler on the Roof. Her school has an outstanding drama department, and the productions are always top notch. They have a great director in the drama department, and he always calls on his buddies from college to help out with productions. For example, they have a professional lighting director from Chicago who's done the lights for the past several years. Not many HS kids get to work with professionals, so this is truly a bonus for them.

Since this is a Knitting blog, I'll tell you about my latest project. I'm working on the Waffle House socks knitted toe up using magic loop. I'm quite pleased with this pattern and with how the socks are turning out. This is my second attempt at toe up sock knitting, and my first attempt at magic loop. So far, so good!! I love the yarn--Silja sport weight. It looks quite similar to that used in the pattern, but I did not plan that. There are really only two problems with this sock. 1. The yarn is almost exactly the same color as my Knitpicks Harmony needles and blends into them if I'm not sitting directly under a light. 2. The socks are a tad bit too narrow for me, so they're going to be daughter's socks instead of mine. I'm working with a US size 1 needle and will work these socks again but on a US size 2. That should give me a nice pair of socks without my having to fiddle with the pattern. I will get some photos of my work in progress over the weekend and share at some point next week.


Anonymous Robin said...

That's a great sock pattern! I LOVE Magic Loop and use it exclusively. Learning toe-up is still on my to-do list. Hubby and I are coming to Charleston in April. Any pointers??

10:53 AM  

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