Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kitty Love

I am waiting patiently for all 3 cats to start getting along. Mocha has become more tolerant of Fluffy. He is hissing less at her, and the two of them have actually been in a room at the same time now. Socks is still not completely sure she wants a sister, so she's still hissing and growling a little at Fluffy. Don't think Fluffy just takes it either. She gives it right back to Socks!

Fluffy is such a sweet thing. I know someone spoiled her at one time, and I just wonder how it is she came to be a stray cat. Fluffy loves to be with people. She sleeps on the foot of the bed at night and is up in the morning with whoever gets out of bed first. I just need her to learn that jumping on counters is not acceptable kitty behavior!

We have a vet appointment this afternoon for a checkup and initial vaccinations. Fluffy traveled pretty well from my grandma's to our home (2 hour trip), so I'm hoping she won't be too upset getting to the vet. Hopefully there will not be any big, loud dogs in the office when we go!

My new Knitpicks 40 inch circular needles came yesterday, so I'm planning to try magic loop tonight. I still have about 10 rows of ribbing to do on a sock, but that shouldn't take long. I want it finished before starting another project. Photos coming soon of the first toe up socks!


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Try a Feliway plug in. I swear by them.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

They're so funny (mean!) to the newcomer. You'll love the Magic Loop! Never heard of a Feliway plug. What is it??

9:11 PM  

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