Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Achy But Happy

There are only three tasks standing in the way of my home being back to normal:

1. Daughter's bathroom needs to be painted, and this should happen this weekend. We had to wait for the ceiling treatment to "cure." Once that room is painted, her shelf and copious amounts of health and beauty products can be returned to their proper place rather than in my sun room.

2. The wall in my office needs to be sanded and painted. I will try to get at that this weekend, but if not, the huge book case is covering the worst of it.

3. The building supplies need to be removed from the sun room so that I can finish cleaning it. It's presently half cleaned which is a far cry better than what it was. Husband has been put on notice that it's his job to remove these supplies for me so that I can clean.

I'm very happy that things are almost in place so that we can all take a deep breath and relax! I'm also pretty darned certain that never again will I hire people to do work in my house. I'm convinced that most men and some women are slobs! I cannot get over the slopped paint on the floors and general mayhem that was left here all because someone (not me!) thought it was fine to slop those things on tile floors rather than take the extra 15 minutes to spread paper or plastic before mudding and painting the ceiling. I am very thankful to have a husband who is capable of being tidy and who takes pride in a job well done rather than raging through like a bull in a china shop. This is one of the many things I owe to my dear departed mother in law. She raised her boys well. OK, let's put that soap box away.

I will take some photos this weekend to share. It's been way too long, and I have several little things to show you. For instance, I know you're all dying to see my relaxation corner that I've added to my office. And what about those cool hats I knitted for my darling bald headed husband? I've also started a new shawl/scarf project using a hank of "souvenir yarn," a mohair boucle in lovely shades of aqua, brown, and purple. I can't believe how soft this yarn is! The last mohair boucle I used was a bit scratchy, but it was also a heavier gauge yarn that the one I'm currently using.

Tomorrow, I should have the house to myself. Daughter has plans to go to the movies and ice skating, and husband is having an outing with his "girlfriend" (who's old enough to be our mom and a really cool knitter/spinner). I plan to do my holiday cooking and prepare a little family New Years Celebration.


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