Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Just When We Thought We'd Have a Relaxed Evening...

Last night while I was making dinner, husband commented that he'd like to spin and knit a bit afterward. That sounded good to me, because I wanted to get some time to try out my new wheel toy. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Just moments after our conversation, we heard a crash from the back of the house and a cry of pain from daughter. She'd been sitting in her bed doing homework (an antique iron bed that sits up about 3 feet off the floor) and instead of getting out of bed to put her books back in her backpack, she leaned over the side of the bed to do it. She fell and landed on her elbow. We called the pediatrician (who was not in the office due to the time of day) and were able to speak to the nurse on call. Because daughter was in a lot of pain and not able to move her arm, off to the ER we went to get her checked out. Fortunately, x-rays revealed a healthy arm, so the doctor concluded daughter only has a very bad bruise. They gave her a dose of pain killer with codeine and sent us home. It seems that daughter is feeling a bit better today, and she should be back to her old self in a couple of days. She has to sit out PE for the next 2 days, and she's not terribly disappointed about that!

Yesterday was the last volleyball game of the season, and our girls won!! They only lost one game this year. I wish they played for a few more weeks, because they are really doing well and playing so much better. They've had a good time with it, too, and that is the most important thing.

In spinning content, I looked longingly at my wheel last night, but I didn't get to do anything more than caress it a bit. I took knitting along with me to the ER and got a few rows done on a K1P1 hat that I'm making. That's it. I was too pooped from our big adventure to do anything else.


Blogger Shea said...

I have one of those tall iron beds (my daughter sleeps in it now) and it really is a long way down!! I hope she's feeling better! Looking forward to see you at SAFF!! (we're off to the Highland games in Atlanta this weekend!)


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