Thursday, October 07, 2004

A Star Is Born

Warning: Bragging, Proud Mom Post Alert

My daughter has one of the lead roles in the school Grandparent's Day musical! Her music class is putting on a performance featuring 50s music, and daughter has to part of Mary Lou, a naive 50s high school girl. She is so excited! She has quite a bit of lines to say and she has to dance with a boy! I had a moment of temporary insanity when I thought I'd sew the costume myself, but then reality smacked me on the head. There is a 50s memorabilia shop not too far from our house. We stopped in today and bought a cute black poodle skirt. I still need to buy the crinoline to go under the skirt, a sweater, probably a scarf to tie around her neck, bobby socks and a pair of saddle oxfords. Daughter has a very unique sense of fashion--she doesn't want to look like everyone else--so I am sure all the clothing except the poodle skirt and crinoline will be worn to school. She also said that she'll wear this as her Halloween costume this year. Her school includes pre-school through grade 12, and all of the kids dress up each year and have a costume parade. It's lots of fun.

I knit on the Little Shells socks last night but didn't make as much progress as I'd hoped. They are coming out well, though. I thought about spinning last night but was just too wiped out from this week to get any further than that.


Blogger Elayne said...

Woweeee! I had a lot of catch up reading to do.

Silly me.....I had saved your URL after leaving a comment and so each time I visited your blog I was taken back to the same message. I've been worried about what had happened to you and all the while you were chatting away on another page. OK so I'm a blond!

Enjoyed reading about all your happenings and especially about your lovely daughter.

Now to change the URL on my link :~

8:13 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

congrats on your daughters part! My college degree is musical theatre performance and I miss it - such fun (and self discovery, too!)

I'd love to join you up to the Spinning Wheel but it won't let me click you over without the code on your page... Once you get that up, I'll put you on!

10:32 AM  

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