Tuesday, January 18, 2005


There is absolutely no spinning, knitting, or other fiber content in today's entry!

When we drive from our house to HHI, we travel through wooded areas for about 3 hours. One of the things I like most about the trip is watching out for critters alongside the highway. Coyotes have started to become prevalent in our area, but until Friday evening, I'd never seen one. We spotted one by the roadside eating his dinner on our drive down Friday night. It was one of those OMG moments for me! It really doesn't take much to excite me, you see. I only wish I'd had the camera. The coyote was not at all afraid of our truck passing by.

On the drive home yesterday, I saw a very large deer by the road. She scampered away in a hurry when we passed, and fortunately, she ran back into the woods rather than out in front of us. Usually we see deer in the twilight and night hours, but this one was out in full daylight. I guess she didn't get the memo saying she's only to stand by the road when it's dark!


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