Monday, May 09, 2005

Athena Book Shop

Three cheers to Susan aka Rams at Athena Book Shop in Kalamazoo, MI for helping me obtain a signed copy of At Knit's End! (Check Stephanie's blog for a summary of her advantures in Kalamazoo.) What a dream come true. You want to know how wonderful this lady is? She's agreed to mail me the book at the same time I'm mailing her the check! Trust in your fellow human apparently is not dead, thank goodness. Rams, the check will be in the mail first thing in the morning.

I started knitting the Knitpicks Crayon last night. I'm making a simple boxy tank top from the Yarns to Dye For book. I don't have the pattern in front of me, but I think it calls for Mission Falls 1824 cotton. The bottom edge of the tank is done in seed stitch as are the edgings of the arm and neck openings. The Crayon looks similar (in photos) to the Mission Falls, but I don't believe it really is the same. My seed stitch is not discernable at all (and yes, I did it right) with the Crayon, but it's very clear in the sample top photo. I do love the feel of the Crayon. It is very soft and makes a nice fabric. I got gauge the first try with my brand new size 7 rosewood needles. Progress photo coming as soon as my camera starts behaving. I think it needs a charge.

They started building at the lot next door. I am so thankful that we'll be moving in another approximately 5 weeks! The builders put up wood "corners" and ran a bunch of string lines today. (I know nothing about building, in case you didn't notice. I just know it seemed to take them a lot of time to do hardly anything.) The corners are almost in our yard on one side and the neighbor's yard on the other side. Husband walked in this evening and made some remark about the "wall to wall house on the lot next door."

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Anonymous Rachel said...

I also thought Crayon was going to be like Mission Falls cotton, and my initial disappointment with it was partly that it so, so isn't. Now I've grown to love the advantages of each. Mission Falls has a great texture, but it is heavier and far less soft than the Crayon. Each has its place (I just wish the Mission Falls cotton's place wasn't in the discontinued bin).

12:27 PM  

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