Monday, June 13, 2005

Frozen Pizza and Sub Sandwiches

We picked up the keys to our new house Saturday evening, a bit earlier than anticipated. Sunday found us bright and early back there cleaning, painting, and getting the place ready for our big move this weekend. I'm almost done with my cleaning--just the downstairs kitchen to do, but what a chore--but husband still has a lot more painting. He got the ceiling done in daughter's room yesterday and primed the walls. Today, the "real" paint goes on. We found that the whole place is going to need to be painted with the possible exception of the living room and dining room. Once all the furniture was moved out, the bedrooms and den just didn't look as fresh and clean as we want them. Husband hopes to get our bedroom painted next. The family room, office, and spare bedroom can wait until we're moved. I also need to schedule carpet cleaners to come over by Thursday so that the carpets can be cleaned before we bring over all the furniture.

Our first meals in the new house were frozen pizza for lunch and sub sandwiches for dinner. Exciting stuff, huh?? I'm sure that in spite of pretty common fare, the memories of these two meals will last our life time.

We had our first guests last night, too. The couple from whom we bought the place stopped in to pick up some things. The poor lady got all teary eyed. Who can blame her? They designed and built the house themselves and raised their family there. They gave us a nice gift of the original drawings and blueprints for the house. What a treasure! I wonder if we can have them framed? I'd better check the paper for a Michael's coupon!


Blogger Danielle said...

That is so exciting! It was so sweet of the original owners to give you the drawing and blueprints. Framing them sounds like a great idea, whenever you walk by them on the wall you'll have to smile. Good luck with the next part of the move!

10:26 AM  

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