Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Should Be Packing

I should be packing, yet here I sit staring at the computer, reading blogs, and generally wasting time. My body is one mass of aches, and I'm dizzy. I think the dizziness is brought on by sheer exhaustion creeping in on me. We've been pulling some really long days working on the house, packing, moving bits and pieces, etc. and I'm sleep deprived.

I finished the hardest job yesterday--cleaning the downstairs kitchen. As my faithful few will recall, the new house has two kitchens--a full kitchen upstairs, and a kitchenette downstairs. The kitchenette had been under the supervision of the man of the house and used for his own hobbies--beer making among them. Needless to say, the place was a wreck!! It's now spic and span and ready for whatever we decide to do with it. We'd toyed with making it a dye kitchen, but husband is going to have his outside workshop for fibery endeavors.

Last night daughter and I had our first pottery/ceramics class. I'd like to say it was wonderful, but that would be a huge lie. We were running late. That was no big deal. The instructor had us all sit around and watch him demo and describe some techniques to start the class. Lucky me happened to be sitting in between two teenage girls who apparently were bored and decided to pass notes back and forth right under my nose. I, of course, made a bit of a scene by telling the girl to my left to trade seats with me because she and the other girl were DISTRACTING! Honestly, these two were old enough to know better than to act that way in a class. Grow up already. Their behavior didn't improve as the evening went on. The instructor finally told one of them "you are spinning the potter's wheel too fast and this is the last time I'm telling you that."

I really don't think I like working with clay. I used the wheel last night, and it was OK...not nearly as fun as it looks when other people do it. I have 25 pounds of gray clay (Raku) that needs to be made into something over the next two weeks. I'm completely uninspired. Last night, all I made was a mess. Tonight, I guess I'd better buckle down and make a coil pot or something. Yippee. I'd much rather be knitting. Maybe I'll surprise myself and actually make something that looks decent enough to be seen in public.


Anonymous Shea said...

I've always wanted to take a pottery class.... but my luck I'd end up with those same teens you were talking about... how annoying!! Maybe it'll get better!!
My brother has just started house hunting and I'm so not looking forward to when he moves (the last time I got suckered into cleaning the new place and unpacking... how did that happen?? I don't know!!)

12:01 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

I've always toyed with the idea of taking a pottery class but fiber has a 100% grip on me now. Would love to see pics of whatever you end up with though!

1:37 PM  

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