Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ramblings of an Exhausted White Woman

No disrespect meant by the title. It's a take off of a new movie out--something or other about a Mad Black Woman. The previews I've seen look very entertaining. I am not a Mad Black Woman, but I am a very exhausted white woman. We moved another three loads of crap from the old house tonight. Just a few more loads to go, and the inside is done. Then, that just leaves the basement (where I won't go, because there have been snakes in there!), cleaning the yard, washing the siding and deck on the house, and cleaning the house from top to bottom after it is painted, papered, and the new vinyl put in the kitchen. *sigh* When will this end?? I won't even mention the cleaning, painting, and unpacking that need to be done at this house.

We picked some blue berries here at the new house tonight, and I've been instructed to make muffins. I think pancakes might also be a good use of these berries. When we went over to the old house, we found the blackberry vines covered in ripe berries. I have a bowl full that will find its way into a cobbler this weekend. Yummy! I haven't had blackberry cobbler in years.

Here's something for you to think about. When you have a question, what do you do? Do you look it up, or do you just ask someone? I grew up being told "look it up" when I had a question. I guess my parents figured they'd better get their money's worth out of that nice set of World Book Encyclopedias!! I've become the mom who says "look it up" and the boss who says that, too! People learn more when they look things up from themselves.

Frankly, I think it's lazy to ask a question that you could answer yourself with just a little bit of effort. With the Internet, there is a world of information quite literally at our finger tips. How hard is it to Google something?? If I'm feeling like a real smart ass and see a simple question posted to a forum, I will say "Did you Google that, because I got X number of hits when I typed it in." I just really cannot tolerate laziness in any form including the on line form. I don't think that's a weakness on my part.

You will notice that once again there are no pictures in this post. I simply do not have time, and I am not apologizing for that. Besides, daughter dearest has discovered that our digital camera makes quick time movies. She's turned into a regular little film maker this week. I couldn't get my hands on the camera if I wanted to.

OK. I'm done for now. If I don't make it back again this weekend, Happy 4th to one and all! I took Friday off so it will be an extra long weekend for me.


Blogger amylovie said...

Yum...blueberries. Just the thought of a homemade blueberry pie makes me weak in the knees.

Try to get some rest,

10:29 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Yay for time off!! Are you getting to go to HHI - or would you just as soon skip that 4th of July circus?
I agree - I taught myself a lot about what I know about knitting from searching things on the internet.

10:48 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

are you going to invite us all over for those berry laden fresh baked goodies?

2:02 PM  

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