Sunday, January 29, 2006

She's Back

Wow. Ten days since my last update. Where to begin? First, daughter and I have been sick, but I think we are on the mend now. I'm counting down until the day husband gets sick. With the two of us hacking and sneezing all over the place, I'd be surprised if he avoids it--thrilled to bits, but surprised!

I was out of town two days last week on business--yep, a business trip while sick. That was some fun. At least it was a driving trip and not one where I'd have to deal with the airlines.

I'm working on Tubey, and boy is it boring! I just have an aversion to knitting expanses of stockinette stitch, and that's just what I have to do in the beginning stages of this sweater. If I can muddle through, I believe it will get more exciting.

I finished up Gioia, and it is delightful. If I find the camera, I'll post a picture. That pattern is so much fun to knit! Thanks, Wendy! I'm already planning my next Gioia--in cranberry colored angora blend yarn.

I whipped out a Bow Knot scarf this afternoon. I had a ball of Patons merino to try out and used that. I loved the pattern but am feeling sort of indifferent about the yarn. It was a thrill to see Michael's finally have a natural fiber in stock (other than dishcloth cotton), but I'm not impressed by the Patons yarn. It costs about the same as Naturespun, has less yardage, and it fuzzes. I like a smoother textured wool, and this one looks "used." Oh well. If I need an emergency wool fix when the LYS is closed, at least I can keep this in mind.

Daughter took the SAT yesterday. She's part of a talented and gifted program through Duke University, and part of the program is that the 7th and 8th graders can take the SAT if they want. The test is the exact one that the high school students take, and in fact, there were a lot of high schoolers at the test center yesterday. It will be interesting to see what daughter's score is. The test has changed quite a bit since her dad and I took it back in the dark ages.


Anonymous Shea said...

I was surfing around the web today and ran across some site that has a daily SAT question... I got today's correct... but then it was a grammar/language thing and I usually excelled at that... I just have trouble with 2+2 :)

We're all getting over the crud here too... I've got a trace of sinus ick still hanging around... but otherwise I'm ok! Hope y'all get/stay well soon and that D doesn't get it too... it was slow moving through our family... first J, then S, then my aunt, then me, then M and then J got something different or a relapse... not sure... but it was awful!

8:34 PM  
Blogger amylovie said...

It is great that your daughter is at the very least getting some experience taking the SAT. Hope you guys get to feeling better.


7:42 AM  

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