Monday, January 16, 2006


Why is it that many times when DH (and that could possibly stand for Dear Husband, or it could possibly stand for something else; read the rest of the post and you decide!) attempts a home repair project, we end up entertaining? This summer, he tried to work on the pump, and we ended up entertaining the well digging guy. Today, he tried to fix the drain line that my washing machine attaches to, and we're entertaining the plumber. I'm not letting him anywhere near the electrical improvements we want to do! What is is they say about the pavement on the pathway to Hell? Something about good intentions. I feel certain that DH had good intentions, but I think he really needs to stick to his artistic endeavors and leave the Home Improvement alone (unless, of course, it is watching the program Home Improvement).


Blogger amylovie said...

Well, at least he has the desire to try. Maybe he learned his lesson this time.


5:15 PM  
Anonymous Shea said...

It would be funny, except all that entertaining gets expensive after a while! We're pretty lucky... I have many many cousins up here who are mechanically inclined so they can fix whatever Jim "fixes" first!


8:35 PM  
Anonymous Dear Husband said...

Problems: Washing Machine drain line overflowing; wife very unhappy.
1) Take no action on clogged washing machine drain. Look pensive and start knitting on my current project. Listen to you complain about the water overflowing the drain pipe as you mop the floor after each load of laundry. Be accused of being lazy and not having my priorities straight.
2) Try to remedy the problem myself and maybe save some bucks. If anything goes wrong, it's all my fault.
3) Open the yellow pages and dial a plumber. Guaranteed to spend lots of $$$.
Decision : Option 2 - Troubleshoot first to see if there is a simple fix.
Outcome: Attempted to snake the drain. Barely touched the drain pipe and it fell down into wall behind sheetrock. Realized this couldn't be good, so I called plumber before anything else bad happened. Plumber repaired drain line which wasn't installed properly from the beginning (his words). He then tested drain line and employed a drain snake. Drain still clogging. I made decision to plumb washer drain line to the septic system per local codes.
What If:
If I had called plumber first, he would have started by snaking the line. Drain pipe would have fallen apart behind the wall. Same outcome and fixes - lots of $$$ spent.

Yes, I have learned my lesson. Why waste my time attempting home repairs. Auction off DW's yarn stash to pay for future home repairs. :)

12:26 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

poor donna!

10:09 AM  

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