Saturday, May 06, 2006

Curves Diet the Yarn-a-holic Way!

So...we've re-written a lot of the Curves diet! Don't take that to mean that we're not sticking to it or that it's hard as it is. We just like certain foods better than others. Husband and I spent a good portion of this afternoon re-working the meal plans for next week staying within the recommendations for carbs, fat, protein, and calories but plugging in healthy foods that we like. For example, I refuse to ever eat turkey bacon again. It's yucky. I also loathe celery, so I plug in different things in place of celery.

The diet plan as it is written is simple to follow, and we have not been hungry. We even managed to resist temptation when daughter and her girl friend ordered in a pizza last night. Someone (Sherrie, I think) asked about fiber. Without getting into the TMI zone, I think we're doing just fine with our fiber intake! :) I have lost 1.5 pounds this week, and husband has lost about 5 so far. Damned disgusting man! We all know men seem to lose weight easier and faster than women, right, ladies? He's walking 3 miles a day, so that probably is playing a big part in it.

I have two challenges next week. I have to do a lunch time interview on Tuesday and am on a business trip Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. I am trying to plan my eating so that I can pack a small cooler bag to take with me. Husband found me a good on line calorie/nutrition counter, so I'll plan eat out things as well. The web site has a program that you can buy for your Palm Pilot, and there is a free trial. I'm downloading the free trial for next week. We've ordered the book associated with the web site, but I don't know that it will come in in time for my trip.

There hasn't been a whole lot of time for crafting this week. I have made both sleeves for Tempting and attached them. I'm now working on the yoke. Husband and daughter are doubting that the sweater will fit her, but we shall see. K2P2 ribbing has a lot of elasticity!

I know you want pictures, and I'll try to get some tomorrow. It's been a busy week! Thank you very much to everyone who's left a comment or sent a note of encouragement for our diet. It really is a help to have support of my family and friends.


Blogger amanda said...

Yay for you Donna! I'm sure you'll rise to the challenges you have facing you this week :o) Best of luck to both of you with your new healthy eating life style!

9:46 AM  
Blogger amylovie said...

Way to go on sticking to your diet! It sounds like you aren in it for the long haul.


6:11 AM  

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