Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thank Goodness the HUMAN Justice System Doesn't Work Like This

I'm sure you've heard about the little girl who was killed by a bear in TN and her mother and younger brother mauled. I'm very sorry about this. It's a tragedy. However, the animal justice system certainly seems screwed up. Read this. Authorities have caught a bear in a trap set in the park where the attacks took place. They think it might be the same bear who attacked the family, but they can't be sure until the bear is killed and it's body examined at a veterinary school. Something is just really wrong with that in my opinion. I'd read another article earlier in the week that indicated there could be testing done on any bears caught comparing hairs found at the scene of the attack. No one mentioned bear murdering in that article. I'm not insensitive to the family who's suffered such a loss, but is the murder of an innocent animal really the answer? I don't think so.


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