Saturday, April 22, 2006

No Internet and No Cable TV....Now What?

I hoped to get a bright and early start at work on Friday, but to my dismay, the cable was out. That meant no Internet and no TV! Being a telecommuter, having Internet connection is vital to doing my job. After fussing and fuming for about an hour, I decided to make the most of the day. I "blogged" the old fashion way, meaning I finally wrote in my journal. Daughter is a dedicated jouralist (journaler?) and has been encouraging me to write in mine. I never seem to have the time, but hopefully now that I've started, I'll continue.

I also passed the time by sewing a sun dress for daughter. She had cut out the pattern last year just before we moved. Somehow in all the hustle and bustle of moving into a new house, the dress pieces got tossed into a closet. I did all the machine sewing yesterday and did the hand sewing (hemming and tacking down the facings) today. I need to wash the dress, press it, and get a photo for you.

This morning, we headed out to the Artisans Fair. I was disappointed that there were very few vendors this year. I was only interested in a couple of booths--one was our friend who carves the most gorgeous bowls out of pieces of tree and the other was a lady potter. I bought a bowl from our friend for my mom's Mother's Day present. We have a couple of this man's bowls, and Mom always admires them. The bowl I bought is made of boxelder wood. It is a pale wood with streaks of dark pinkish red and darker brown worm holes. I guess they are worm holes. Whatever, they give the bowl a lot of character. I'll post a photo of the bowl later.

We've finally had some rain this week which has been a blessing to the plants and people alike. Our garden is growing so well. The peppers and one of the cucumber plants have buds on them. The tomatoes look like they have doubled in size. I've put in a request for another couple of raised beds for next year. I don't want a garden plot that will go to weed in the winter, but I love the way the raised beds look so neat and orderly.


Blogger Sherry W said...

You should encorage him to make drop spindles. :)

BTW Donna, what kind of wheels do you own, if you don't mind?

5:52 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I can deal with no TV, but no internet is definitely BAD. At least you have it back and your camera still works. (Sorry to whine). Also, a lady in my knitting group is moving to Washington, GA. I told her about the three of you - so maybe you can hook up (sorry for the pun) with her sometime.

12:23 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

The no tv is ok but no internet? Oy! It does sound like you accomplished quite a bit though!

1:37 PM  

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