Saturday, May 27, 2006

School's Out for Summer

Yesterday was the end of exams, last day of 7th grade, and Academic Awards Day for Daughter. Whew. I think she's glad it is all over. She collected a couple of awards yesterday--honor roll and special honors in science. We were all very surprised by that science award! Daughter has done a lot of work on projects for science this year (OK, so I did have to stand over her with a stick to get her to finish them) and I think the teacher recognized how much interest Daughter has in the subject. It could be genetics or just socialization, that interest in science. After all, both Husband and I have degrees in biology.

Last night was the 7th grade end of year party, a dance at the club house of one of the new ritzy neighborhoods in town. The club house was awesome. It sits right on the river and is built like an old boathouse. The kids had a dance right there by the river. I think they had a great time.

Daughter gets one week off from school, then she starts camps which pretty much keep her busy through July. She's not one to just lie around, so staying busy with camps will suit her perfectly. It will suit me as well, because I won't hear the "I'm bored" whines that so many parents must endure in the summer time.


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