Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Need Yarn

Yes, I need yarn all right! Ha Ha! We're about to make a little run to the best darn LYS in the world--Hook 'n Needle. I don't know how they cram so much into such a small space. I've also printed out a few 50% off coupons for AC Moore, so we'll probably run by there as well. Daughter is in need of some clothes for her Cotillion classes, so perhaps I can trick husband into a Dillards stop as well. It should be a pleasant day as long as everyone stays calm and takes their knitting projects with them! I'll plant husband in a chair at Dillards to knit while daughter and I scour the racks.

I think some people may have gotten the idea that I'm upset about the comments on Knitty re. poor pictures on blogs. The post there was primarily about bathroom mirror shots, and as Turtlegirl pointed out, I have never posted one of those. However, that topic got me thinking about the photos I do post, and I know that I could probably do better if there was more time to take photos. The problem is that I don't have a lot of time. The person who posted the topic on Knitty kindly gave some suggestions about taking better photos, and I'm going to try to apply her advice to my work. The bottom line is that this blog is for me and having you guys read is just a bonus. If I can do a better job, then why not try? I have a brand new digital camera that I'm trying to figure out. It seems that technology gets more and more complicated, so it's going to take me a while to read through the manual and figure this camera out. Hopefully you will see some shots taken with it before too long.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your husband knits?
That's great!
And in public too??

7:13 PM  

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