Friday, September 01, 2006

Photo Phree Phriday

I don't feel it in me to have decent photos today, and after reading a post about poor photos on blogs on the Knitty board, I've decided to just not put up my craptastic pictures today. Maybe I'll have time to get outside this weekend and attempt something better. For now, I'll have to paint you pictures with words.

I'm currently working on a Good Ole Cable scarf using some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. I love the pattern. It is easy but so beautiful. The yarn color is a sort of pine green with a touch of blue. It's quite pretty and has been in my stash for a long time. I think it is the spruce color pictured here.

Next up is an Irish Hiking Scarf. I'm so pleased with how this scarf is turning out, particularly since it is meant to be a gift. I'm trying to knit a little love and happiness into each stitch. I'm enjoying working with the Knit Picks Swish Superwash. It is soft and gives great stitch definition. The color is red pepper.

I'm in a serious case of lust with this cabled scarf in the new Magknits. Oh my word! I don't have any cashmere in the stash, but I do have some gorgeous worsted weight alpaca that just might do the trick. I'm not sure how the drape of those two fibers compares, but I may swatch just to find out if the alpaca is up to the task.

I'm considering a yarn shop run to Hook 'n Needle this weekend. It all depends on whether daughter's plans to see a movie with her guy friend pan out. I'd like to go dig in Maureen's sale bins and see if she has a copy of this pattern.

I think I mentioned that my Knit Picks order finally arrived? Well, there was a problem with one of my size 7 needle tips. It will not screw onto the cable. A quick phone call to customer service, and problem solved. They are shipping out a new set of tips to me, and I don't need to mail these back. I tell you, customer service at Knit Picks cannot be beat.

I know that I didn't mention daughter's first volleyball game of the season. Our school has a brand new and fabulous gym, and the girsl played their first game there. I'm happy to report a win for both the A team and B team. Daughter is playing on the A team this year, and I hope she has a good season.

Speaking of the new gym, it is gorgeous! The ceilng is very high, so it's doubtful anyone will manage to hit a volleyball all the way up there and gain themself a penalty. The hardwood floor is so beautiful, too. We now have nice bleachers on both sides of the gym, and they can fold up when not needed. One end of the gym has a glass wall that looks out onto a large foyer. Across the foyer is a new weight room which also has a glass wall. It's so open and airy! The kids also have new locker rooms and showers which they all appreciate.

Next up is our new fine arts center which includes art studios, music studios, and a new performing arts theater. It's so exciting! Daughter will get a lot of use out of this facility as well as the gym. I'm glad that these things were built while she still has 5 more years of school in which to enjoy them.

I'm very grateful to the patrons who've donated so much money towards these two projects at our school. We are fortunate in that our school is backed by some very wealthy people who've left money to the school. I think both building projects are paid because of donations. The majority of families with students at this school are every day working people, not the "rich and famous."

Did I brag about my other student yet? Husband is back in school working on a Masters in Education. His goal is to be a middle school science teacher. I'm proud of him. It's been almost 20 years since he was last in school, so I know this is a big adjustment. He's so smart, though. I know he'll do great--probably end up on the Dean's List knowing him.

Beverly: Yes, if you have a bermuda bag pattern, I would love to have it! I'm sure we can come up with a swap of some sort or other.


Blogger Vera said...

Lots of nice scarves. There's a lot in the new Mag Knits that I like.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Sherry W said...

What was said about poor photos on Knitty?! I don't know what it was all about, but I like your photos.

Some people are just perfectionists, especially over a thing like an electronic diary.

5:06 PM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Well, I've never seen a bathroom mirror photo on this blog, so I wouldn't worry. As long as it's in focus, you're fine.

And I wouldn't be too sure about no one ever hitting a ball up to the ceiling. One of my teammates in high school did it all the time. While she was SERVING. And we had really high ceiling.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Beverly said...

I'll look for them. I just need a little time to dig through the storage. If I don't find the pattern, I still have the handles.

I've heard so many blog complaints lately that it's ridiculous. Most bloggers aren't trying to be professional photogs anyway. I don't see any problem with your photos, so I hope to see some again soon.

8:13 PM  

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