Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nature Calls

Sherry asked some questions about the chickens in yesterday's comments. I'll try to answer those here. We have several different kinds of chicken. The red ones are Rhode Island Reds. We have black and white striped chickens that are Plymouth Barred Rocks. The chickens with more white feathers and dark colored feet are called Americaunas. These are also known as Easter Egg Chickens, because they lay a blue green colored egg. If you look at the link, you'll see that these chickens also come in many different color variations. All of the chicks that are currently outside are supposed to be hens. We bought them at a local farm store, and they are supposed to have been sorted by gender. So far, it does appear that all are chicks are hens.

Our Bantam chickens are still indoors in their rabbit cage brooder. They won't go outside until they get a little more size on them. Bantams are smaller chickens. They come in many different "varieties," so there isn't one true Bantam as far as I can tell. The chicks we bought are not sex sorted, and it looks like we have two roosters. One rooster is a "frizzled" chicken. He looks like someone took an eye lash curler to his feathers. Our chicks also have feathers on their feet which is really cute.

None of our chicks are going to become Sunday dinner. They are all pets and egg producers (Well, except for the roosters who are just pets). We have one "special needs" chicken who has been dubbed Helen Keller. Helen is an Americauna. She has a crossed beak and is blind in one eye. So far, Helen seems to be thriving. She gets lots of love and attention. Helen will live with the Bantam chickens. She has one other Americauna friend in this brood with her. I cannot remember that chicken's name right now, though.

Shea, you hit the nail on the head with the "aromatic" comment! I'm not overly fond of the aroma of chick in my house, so I am happy that at least half our babies are gone outside.

How about some back yard photos? Here's a shot (blurry) of the nuthatch who decided to nest in our outdoor light pole. Unfortunately, I think that the birds changed their mind. I did not notice them the past several days. We have a lot of woods around here, so maybe they found a quieter nesting spot.

Speaking of woods, here's a shot of the woods behind our house. The white, fluffy bush here is one of the many fringe trees. They have such a wonderful aroma--seriously. Not at all like chick aroma.

We have some irises blooming. Aren't they pretty?

Our "old time" roses are in full bloom as well. One of the bushes we have is part of my great grandmother's rose bush. I just love it, because these roses have such a special place in my childhood and bring back memories of a wonderful lady.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Several weeks ago, these critters took up residence in my new sun room.

For a few days, they were content to live in a Rubbermaid storage container, but they soon grew large enough to move into a more open, airy space--a rabbit pen. That funny red glow is their heat lamp.

They received lots of love and attention, particularly from the girl child of our family who is shown here with Penelope. Yes, all of the chickens have names.

The baby chicks grew and grew--almost right before our eyes. They soon ourgrew the rabbit cage and needed a space of their own.

Behold, the chicken tractor designed and built by Husband and Daughter. The chickens love their new space!

We still have six bantams in the sun room. They have graduated from the Rubbermaid bin to the rabbit cage. Another chicken tractor will be built for them, and I hope to have a chicken-free sun room within the next month!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Yes, it has been a long time. We enjoyed a glorious spring break week before last, and it's been full speed ahead since returning to work/school on Tuesday. I'm having a heck of a time adjusting to getting up early again since sleeping in was the norm during break. I'm so glad I took that time off. Daughter and I did much of nothing, and it was good.

I managed to buy a new card reader for the digital camera, but it's still sitting here in the package. I'll try to get it hooked up over the weekend to share some things with you.

The yard is full of azaleas, roses, and even some iris. I took a few shots of those this week. We also have quite a few fringe trees in the woods along our property, and they have the nicest smell. I think the bees are in heaven with the blooms going on.

There's a yard light out back on a creosote pole. The pole has holes all in it that look as if a woodpecker or a few hundred have had a go at it. The pole also has new residents--a pair of nuthatches are nesting in it. They get very angry if we walk too close to the pole. I think I have a photo of one of the little birds peeking out of its nest. If so, I'll post that for you later.

Daughter wore her brand spanking new Green Gable to school today. It looks great on her if I do say so myself. I don't have a photo yet, but that, too, will be coming soon.