Saturday, November 03, 2007

Froggy Went A Courtin'

Ester has annoyed me, so she's heading to the frog pond. Tell me, on what planet is 84 divisble by 11? None? That's what I thought. The set up row for the cables is 11 stitches. Eleven goes into 84 seven times, but you have 7 left over. The designer recommended I re-count my stitches. Well, I'm not exactly stupid. My stitch count is spot, ribbit, ribbit and on to something else with the Malabrigo. I am *thinking* another Klaralund....The nice folks at Yarn Paradise are going to mail out three more skeins of yarn to me on Monday! :)

My Lendrum also has me annoyed. It's not acting right for some reason. Maybe the wheel wants to be back in Asheville spinning. Wouldn't that be nice? My resident man who can fix anything is going to try to get the wheel going again. He suspects there may be something in the Woolie Winder making it act up. The treadling is really hard, and the yarn take up is nil. That's not at all like my Lendrum. Hopefully, we can get things back in line so that I can spin a bit tomorrow.

Husband and I both needed a little break from life today, so we headed out to our favorite LYS, In Stitches. Barbara has some drop dead gorgeous new yarns in--silks and cashmeres, and mohairs, oh my!! Husband said he'd love to just take a day and go sit with Barbara to knit. She's such a nice, low key person. I can hear Bev now saying we need to come to Knit Night. We're trying!!

We also made a quick stop off at Michaels for some bulky weight yarn. I know, I know. I'm experimenting with this and felt somewhat better about spending just $3 a ball on the yarn there to see how I liked the pattern. I am using Bernat alpaca, an acrylic/alpaca blend. My vest will be in charcoal grey which is a nice go with anything color. Zonda, is this the vest you were wearing last weekend?

Thanks to Cristi, I have Einstein Coat on the brain, to Borders. I picked up a copy of The Knit Stitch and found that there is a lighter weight version of Einstein in the book. Lucky me, I have enough yarn in the stash to make myself one!! I'm going to cast on for that as soon as the vest is finished.

It was chilly here today, so I wore Klaralund out on our little shopping trip. Two people stopped me in Borders to ask if I'd made the sweater myself and to say how much they liked it! I also got loads of compliments from Barbara and when we stopped by the other LYS.

Yes, I SAFF stuff today. Maybe I can get those photos uploaded tomorrow and treat you all to some people pix.

Oh, Linda, you left a comment that we may live near each other. According to mapquest, we are 2 1/2 hours apart. If you are looking for nearby knitters/spinners, you may want to look towards Atlanta. I'll e-mail you some info about the next Guild meeting!


Blogger bev said...

nah, i'm not going to bug you about stitch! i have been known to spend a saturday afternoon knitting with mrs. barbara. she has taught me so much and tempted me with some of that new yarn she has. there is some lace weight that is calling my name!

9:04 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Yes! It is the Boogie Vest! I love it and may make another one! But in the round this time. No real reason not to either, well at least till you get to the neck part.

10:50 PM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Don't point your finger at me when you're in the middle of garter stitch hell!

8:37 AM  

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