Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting Better

Even though it's Monday, things are looking up from a fibery perspective. I took a little trip to Michaels on Saturday evening and scored Patons Merino at $3.50 a ball. I bought enough to make a Mr. Greenjeans for me and one for daughter. Mine will be in burgandy, and hers will be in leaf green. I may try to get back by Michaels to get another color. The $3.50 sale is off, but they are supposed to have all yarn on sale this week. I swear to stay clear of anything "ick-rylic." Natural fibers only for me from now on!

Husband managed to get my Lendrum going again yesterday. I didn't take time to spin this weekend, because I wanted to finish off a pair of sock for daughter and get started on Mr. Greenjeans. Mr. Greenjeans is a great pattern so far. It's knitting up quickly. I also like the yarn, so that just makes it even better.

That's about's just another Monday. Lucky husband had today off for Veteran's Day, and he's spent it outside mowing the south 40. The yard looks tremendously better. We didn't have any grass, but the leaves were out of control.


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