Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Joy of Finishing

I'm going to start out this morning's post by asking you to stop by and visit Steph. She posted on Ravelry that she'd just finished her first lace project. In fact, she's so excited about this that she's hosting a little prize drawing. Isn't that sweet? Go take a look while I finish drinking my coffee. I promise to be here when you get back, and I'll even put on a fresh pot of coffee to share with you.

Steph says on Ravelry that she's rather new to knitting and crochet, so that surely plays at least a part in her excitement. Don't we all get excited about completing a project, especially if that project held some sort of challenge for us? Even a simple dishrag excites me some days!

Last night, I completed a crochet shopping bag. It's a very simple mesh bag and worked up quickly. When I make this again, I'll increase the length of the bag. It's nice as is, but I think it would be more functional if it were longer. I'll have to find the link to the pattern and share that with you.


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