Tuesday, February 08, 2005

For My Birthday, I Got...

Unfortunately, a couple of my birthday presents were not very nice. First thing yesterday morning I had to take Rebecca Kitty to the vet. She had a reaction to her UTI medication it seems. Doc gave her two injections to stop the vomiting and diarrhea, and today, she seems to be feeling much better.

When I picked daughter up at school, she told me she'd just thrown up in the hall. I thought it may have been a one time thing, as she has a very sensitive gag reflex and really sort of blew it off as nothing. Daughter got in the shower when we got home, and the vomiting started again. The poor dear was sick all night and was running a 101 degree temp. She seems to be better today as far as the tummy troubles, and her temperature is down to the 99 degree range. This poor baby has had more than her share of germs the past few weeks! I hope she's in for good health from here on out.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday morning. My mom and brother sent me flowers for my birthday. Aren't they pretty?

I have them sitting on the file cabinet in my office so that I can enjoy them during the work day. They even smell nice!

Daughter's and husband's gift to me (which you probably recall I bought last month at the LYS sale but "hid" until my birthday!) was the first Barbara Walker knitting pattern book and a Lantern Moon basket in the large size. My basket is a natural color combined with cranberry. It is gorgeous, and I'll try to get a photo of it once health is completely restored to this house.

I finished sock 1 of the fluted banisters last night. I'm quite impressed with my Kitchner grafting on the toe! I love doing Kitchner. I don't know why people cringe when they hear the word. It's really simple to do. I cast on for the second sock of this pair this afternoon and hope to get it finished before long. I really need to buckle down and finish this sock and the little shells. My copy of Scarf Style is on backorder from Knitpicks, so that won't be tempting me away from finishing these socks.

I plan to do a bit of spinning tonight, too, if no one in the house is throwing up. I'm itching to make myself some socks with the yarn I'm working on now.


Blogger Lauren said...

Happy belated Birthday to you! Sorry that it was not the best with the sick kitty and sick daughter... hope they are both getting better!

Just found your blog, and I am admiring your handspun. Very lovely! Nice to meet you :)

2:51 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Oh - I hope daughter and kitty are feeling better now.

Heehee - I love Kitchener, too. It means I am almost done with the socks. (I still think it must be some kind of magic - seamless toes, imagine that!)

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh, Donna - You MUST let me know if you get up here to Reston!!! We'll DEFINITELY do lunch...or dinner...or a fiber crawl!

Love -

7:22 PM  

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