Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Another Sick Day

Daughter made it a whole hour and a half at school today before she had to call me to come get her. Poor baby is still feeling cruddy, and we can't keep the fever down. It's not all that high but enough to make her feel lousy. The pediatrician can't see her until tomorrow, so we have a first thing in the morning visit there. I hope that she has something which an antibiotic will cure (like not a virus that has to play itself out). She's ready to feel better and get back to school. Her school is very fast paced academically, so she really will be behind by missing these few days. Fortunately, the teachers offer extra help after school for anyone who wants it. Daughter will be there with bells on once she is better.

I spun a little bit last night and finished up the 2 ounces of South African Fine Wool Top that I'd been working on, and plied it this afternoon. I was cursing the little Kiwi a bit. It didn't seem to want to feed in the yarn, and I was having to treadle like a maniac. Turns out it wasn't the wheel's fault; it was operator error. Someone (ummm...that would be me!) managed to thread the yarn through the orifice incorrectly. How I did that, I do not know. Once I fixed the problem, everything worked beautifully. The yarn is probably that designer stuff. I wasn't too impressed with the wool I was spinning. It feels nice, but it was a pain in the butt to draft.

I have some gorgeous Cotswold locks to spin, some neat wool/mohair blend from E-bay, and a bag full of yummy stuff from Zeilingers. I think my Schact is feeling lonely, so I'll probably pull it out for some fun.

I have decided not to use the Mountain Colors for the Irish Hiking Scarf. I think the cables will show better in a lighter color solid yarn. I have some tan alpaca that may work just fine.


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