Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Do any of you Freecycle? I've heard many people rave about it and about all the great things they get via Freecycle, so I decided to sign on to our local list. Oh....my....gosh. And I don't mean that in a good way. I've seen nothing but absolute junk being offered. We're talking Glad plug ins (without the re-fills), 2 or 3 CD jewel cases, a TV in good shape except it doesn't work. Take the stuff that works but you don't want it to Goodwill. Put the trash in the trash can. What a waste of bandwidth our local Freecycle group is!! I am just amazed at the people who think that someone out there just might want that old blender that needs washing. Give me a break.

Yesterday was a good mail day, or good UPS day, I should say. We received daughter's textbook order (yes, she has to buy her books and yes, she's a rising 7th grader. All middle schoolers and high schoolers at her school have to buy books.) I also received a big package from work, and it wasn't "work" this time! We've had a lot of big accomplishments at work lately, and those of us who are home based miss out on the office celebrations. Our department rewarded us with goodies from Cheryl & Co. Cookies. Can you say "YUM"? Saturday had brought me an order from Adagio Tea (again, say YUM!), and the cookies sure go well with that tea.

Husband and daughter are taking a wheelwork (as in pottery wheel) class this week and next. Last night was their first class, and I believe they had a great time. Daughter came home covered in clay, so isn't that a sign of a good time? The teacher for this class is different than the one for the class daughter and I recently finished. I think it will be good for daughter to get the exposure of different teachers and different ways to use the wheel. She's such an artistic soul, who knows exactly where her true creative talents lie?

The box collection in the garage is shrinking! I've divided them into sectors: mine, his, and hers. I've even set up a little side sector for "give aways" and convinced daughter that outgrown or unwanted toys should go there so that we can send them to her cousins. Husband's baby brother has two girls and a boy ranging in age from 10-6, and surely they need more toys! :)


Blogger amylovie said...

Freecycle sounds gross. I know they say one man's trash is another one's treasure, but sometimes it is just trash.


11:56 AM  
Blogger Elayne said...

Possibly some have good luck with Freecycle but our 'local' was rubbish! One girl would offer rubish and ask for tons of stuff. Then she'd advertise her yard sale. God luv 'er.

Talking of love...I'm in love with your house. I want one just like that!

9:37 PM  
Blogger Amy Boogie said...

I have friends that rave about freecycle too. The ads I've seen sound very similar to the ones you mentioned.

7:54 AM  

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