Saturday, July 09, 2005

This Should Not Be

We found out on Thursday that a friend passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday night. He was the father of one of daughter's classmates and someone we'd known since the girls started kindergarten together seven years ago. He coached their t-ball and soccer teams; he was always there at school helping out with special events; he chaperoned field trips. It won't be the same to go to these things and not see him there.

He was only 43 years old and seemingly in good health. I'm not sure what happened to cause his death. He leaves behind his wife, a 12 year old daughter, and a seven year old daughter. He and his wife had been together for 22 years. We are heart broken for this family. He was a good man and a loving father and husband. Friends are rallying around them now, and I hope that will continue far after the funeral. We have a good network at our school. Everybody knows everybody, and in hard times, it seems we pull together and take care of one another. I'm adult enough to realize that life isn't fair, but it seems so unjust that a 41 year old woman should have to bury her husband and that two little girls will grow up without their father. I'm having a hard time accepting that.


Blogger amylovie said...

Terrible. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

My sympathy to his family. It's good they have friends like you to turn to.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Pam said...

Very sad and tragic. I understand how you feel. We also had a good friend - relatively young and in good health - die suddenly. Your friend reminded me of what happened to mine, admittedly it was years ago. There are no answers as to why this happens. Just sadness.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Megera said...

This sort of hit a note with me... My dad was 42 when he passed away (I was 12, my brother 10 and my mum only 36). It wasn't really sudden (he had cancer) but it was pretty unexpected from somone who until then was really healthy.
My thoughts are with them.

2:35 AM  

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