Monday, April 03, 2006

Almost Famous

Are you almost famous? I am! My name appears in a major fiber publication--Spin Off. Check out the Woolee Winder ad on page 3, and you'll see a quote from me. I, along with several other happy spinners using Woolee Winders, was contacted a couple of months ago asking permission to use a quote I'd left on one of the forums. Of course I said yes! Carolyn is also quoted in the ad.

I mentioned that I'm making another pair of Fluted Banister socks for daughter. The pattern is from the Yahoo Group Six Sox KAL. The pattern is super easy, but I'm fighting a bit with the eye of partridge heel, particularly the edge stitches. I'm not particularly happy with how they look, so I'm thinking of changing up the pattern a bit. Of course, that means ripping back the heel flap, but that's OK. I'd rather rip back a bit and be happy with the work than have it annoy me.

Here's a photo of the completed Regia socks. They are big in the ankles, but they feel very nice on my feet in spite of that. I think I need to go for a bit more negative ease in my socks from now on!

I really like the colors of this yarn. I have more of this particular colorway--another ball plus part of the first ball--and another ball in a different but similar colorway.

Daughter is on spring break this week. I took the week off, and husband mentioned he's likely going to take some time off, too. Tomorrow, daughter and I have a "play date" with one of her school friends and his mom (and probably his little brothers) to go to the local fun park. I got one of those coupon mailer packs in the mail Thursday, and it had several coupons to the fun park. What perfect timing.

We are also going to do some sewing this week, I think, and daughter wants to create a reading nook in her bedroom. I have a little night stand that I want to paint also. My dad made it in his high school shop class many, many years ago. It's a simple table, but I treasure it because Daddy made it.

Spring Break brought us a house guest. Her name is Tapanga. Here are a couple of photos of her.

I think she is a leopard gecko. Daughter also said something about a fat tailed leopard gecko. Tapanga is one of the science teacher's classroom pets. Thank goodness the classroom snake didn't need a home over the break! Tapanga eats crickets that have been covered in some sort of calcium/vitamin powder. We had to buy her some crickets, then sprinkle the powder over them in a bag and shake. I swear, it was like making shake and bake for a lizard.

Oh! I have a new toy! It is one of these. Mine is the 1 gig size, and I love it! Finally, I see why all the kids think these things are great. The sound quality is amazingly good, and the size makes it super portable. Husband bought himself one of these in the 1 gig size. I started to go for this one myself, but a lot of the music I like is soundtracks from Broadway musicals and such. I didn't particularly want those shuffled. My Ipod has the option of shuffling, so when I'm not listening to soundtracks, that's kind of fun.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

The socks look very nice! The Gecko, looks, interesting. Shake 'n Bake crickets, eh? My sister had lizards of various sorts growing up, and we fed them meal worms and crickets, but they were not garnished with vitamins. Interesting.
Have a nice vacation this week! And congrats on the mention in the magazine!

4:26 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Beautiful socks! As for your previous post, I hate DST with a passion. It has been so hard for me to wake up these past few days.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Yay, yay iPods rock! Now you can listen to podcasts - I love The Fiber Cast, Pixie Purls Podcast, Pottercast and Mugglecast.
Glad to be almost famous along with you.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Magatha said...

Love that little lizard, he looks a lot like one on a TV ad. Your socks are very pretty and comfy looking. I miss your comments on the knittyboard but I come here now and then to read what you are up to.


4:48 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

I love the socks!
Shake n Bake! ha ha!! I have a tree frog and shake and bake his crickets. Crickets are nasty, aren't they? Vile little things!

10:34 PM  

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