Friday, April 07, 2006


We spent another day working in the yard. We have a little built in flower box on the end of the house by the garage door. It's shaded by the deck. We've put in impatiens and a heliotrope. The heliotrope is purple and smells wonderful! It has a vanilla type odor. We have light pink impatiens which we hope will add some light to the flower box.

Out back, we have a raised bed that was supposed to be an herb garden. Instead, it has become a vegetable garden if the deer will allow! We've planted several types of bell peppers and other peppers, pickling cucumbers, yellow squash, eggplant, tomatoes, basil and dill. See. A couple of the herbs sneaked in! I put the remaining herbs in pots. The sun loving herbs are out on the block retaining wall by the drive, and the mints are in pots beside the impatiens bed where they get partial sun. I still need to find a spot for my rosemary. It will overwinter outdoors here, and the plants will get huge. I'm thinking that we should dig a hole out back by the vegetable garden and set out the two rosemary plants.

There's no knitting news to speak of. I am in the mood to knit a summer sweater or tank top, but I haven't gotten around to finding a pattern just yet.


Blogger amanda said...

Sounds lovely! I love cucumbers and fresh tomotoes so should we ever have a garden we'll have herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. Right now I only have flat leaf parsley and cilantro and they are barely holding on :O)

7:51 AM  

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