Thursday, April 06, 2006


We've enjoyed a lot of outside time this week. Husband and I have been working in the yard, planting things, etc. We have so much to do, but every little bit is a help. We bought some bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, and squash plants today as well as a variety of herbs. We're going to plant most of our things in a raised bed in the back yard. We also got two different types of native azaleas which have the most delightful aroma. One of the azaleas is the pink color as pictured on the link and the other is sort of an orange sherbert color. My great grandmother had one of the pink ones in her yard, and the smell takes me back to some happy childhood memories. I'll post photos later this week.....I hope.

I've been a bit of a clutz the past few days. First, I pulled the Explorer a little too close to the mail box and whacked the mirror pretty hard on the mail box. I don't think there was any damage to either object. Then, I conked a light on the outside of our garage with a ladder. Fortunately, the light survived. I also picked up a bag of rye grass seeds while cleaning the garage and the bottom of the bag burst. There were rye grass seeds everywhere. Worst of all, I dropped my digital camera on the pavement while we were at the funpark this week. Ugh. I think it is OK and still functioning, but I'm going to have it checked over. The door that holds the battery in place won't stay completely closed.

Remember those Fluted Banister socks I was making for daughter? Well....they are too big for her. I must have switched needle sizes or something, because the last pair fit her perfectly. Fortunately, the current socks fit me perfectly. I'm not crazy about the colors, but I think they'll go with denim shorts and t-shirts for the summer.


Blogger Katie said...

What a coincidence! I've been totally klutzy lately, too. First I picked up the big cardboard can of oats the wrong way, the bottom fell out and oats flew all over the kitchen. Then there have been numerous times when I flung Addie's spoon-full-o-baby-food across the floor. As if my hand was having an involuntary spasm or something. Crazy!

1:25 PM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Oh Dear, not you too! Seems everyone in blogland lately is breaking cameras! I hope I don't!

Someone started a thread over at knitty today wondering where you were. It's in general happy if you'd like to check in and let them know you're alive but busy! (Generally what I told 'em, but do they listen to me? Nooooo)

3:30 PM  

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