Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lovely Weather

The weather the past few days has been wonderful. Some may argue that point with me since we had rain and thunderstorms on Friday, but I happen to love that kind of weather. Besides that, the yard was burning to a crisp in spite of running the sprinklers. We needed the rain. I wish we'd get some more.

It was a regular flight school in our backyard yesterday. I noticed several young birds who seemed to be testing out their ability to fly. There was something so ungainly about their movements but so beautiful at the same time. We've seen several pairs of birds--gold finches, chickadees, cardinals, tohees, blue birds, you name it. Surely there are lots of nests about and about in the woods surrounding our house. We also have baby bunnies and squirrels. I'm still waiting to see the deer. We've not seen her in a very long time, so I don't know if she's still around or not.

MIL has loaned me her Sizzix die cut machine for as long as I want to use it. She bought it when the scrapbook bug bit her, and I don't think she's used it. I talked to her yesterday and she said that I could come go through her things and use whatever I wanted. I hate to take from her, so perhaps I'll just load up my things and go for a visit and some scrapbooking time. MIL likes to do crafty things like scrapbook and knit, but she likes to have company with her when she does. In that respect, she's much more social than I am! I don't enjoy going out places to craft with others which is probably why I don't care for the local "guild" meetings. I'd rather not drag my wheel and knitting somewhere to sit on a hard chair and try to do my thing when I can just sit home in the recliner and do it. :-) Going to MIL's house is different, though. She and my FIL have become like parents to me over the 22 plus years I've known them. They are good people and enjoyable to be around. They have comfy chairs, too! ha ha!

Husband visited with them yesterday (they live an hour away) but he left so bright and early in the morning that daughter and I didn't get up to go along. He went to a wood turning meeting in the same area where his parents live, and it started at the ungodly hour of 9 AM. That's just too early on a weekend morning!

Daughter and I had a nice time together and went to, where else, the scrapbooking store.

Exciting news! My baby girl is going to her first formal dance this coming year! In our area, it's a tradition that the young ladies and young gentlemen attend social etiquette and dance classes starting in sixth grade. I know, it's an old south thing, but what's wrong with that? For sixth grade, the kids do not have to have partners, because the classes are just focused on etiquette. However, dance begins in seventh grade which means partners are needed. Little did I know that you should find a partner in kindergarten! (We're not originally from this area.) We had no luck finding a partner last year, so daughter had to sit this one out. Fortunately for us, one of her close male friends found himself in need of a partner this year, and Daughter was number one on his list. I think they'll have a good time together. They enjoy each other's company. This young man is the same one who attended the Ren Fest with us a few weeks back.

In December, there is a semi-formal dance. I'm not quite sure what equates semi-formal in this case, but we'll find out. The spring formal, complete with tuxes and long gowns, is held in early May. Exciting! They didn't have things like this where I grew up.


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I think it is neat that they teach etiquette. It is becoming a lost art.


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