Thursday, June 22, 2006


Patience is a virtue, you know. Readers of this blog have to have patience--patience while waiting for me to update; patience while waiting for me to share pictures; patience in putting up with my opinionated political rantings. Well, today, you get the picture....literally.

Here are some pictures we've taken around home. First, meet one of our little friends who has taken up residence on the deck.

I'm not sure what he is. Husband said he was a barking tree frog, but the descriptions I see on line say that type frog is green. Who knows. Husband is very smart and usually knows his stuff. (He also reads this blog, so I have to say nice things about him.) The photo is blurry. I had trouble focusing it and didn't want to scare Mr. Frog.

Here is a sunflower that came up in our back yard near the garden. I'm not sure if it was planted by a human or an animal. Isn't it pretty?

Speaking of the garden, my how our little garden has grown. We've already been enjoying squash, eggplants, peppers, and cucumbers. The tomato vines are loaded but no fruit is ripe yet.

Finally, here is a picture from our beach trip last week. How on earth did my camera hog child, the one who used to pose for us as if she were a model, the one who started grinning at the site of a did she suddenly become camera shy? This is about the best I managed.

Notice the black shorts worn over the bathing suit. Apparently Miss Thang hates her thighs. I would give my right arm to be 13 years old and have the incredibly toned legs (including those thighs!) that she has. Girl, enjoy them while you can! God forbid one day you are 41 and have cottage cheese thighs like your mother!

I've had a lot of comments lately. I'll address some of them, relying on the old memory! Someone said that I could possibly use the Joann's coupon to buy my Cricut machine and just get 50% off the regular price. Well, Joann's hasn't had the Cricut on sale. Their coupon specifically says that you cannot use it on that item, so I'm just out of luck there. Michaels will not honor their discount coupons on anything other than non-sale items, so again, out of luck. I bet you anything if they ever take the Cricut off sale, they'll put a disclaimer on the coupon excluding Cricut.

Lissa has visited twice now in the past couple of weeks. Hey, Lissa!! I miss you. When you get back to blogging, please leave your blog address. I lost it.

OK. That's the end of my memory. It just isn't what it used to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great your blog!

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sweetheart! I'm too worn out to blog, but when I do, I'll let you know.


7:35 PM  
Anonymous Judy said...

Doggone you, you enabler! I ordered a set of the Knitpicks needles too -- they look like they'll be very handy, and the price is right. And I really like the fact thast you can buy extras of the sizes you use a if they just made 0's and 1's! ;-)

9:00 AM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Aww, it's just the awkward teen years. No amount of encouragement from Mom is gonna change that. She'll come back 'round in about 10 or so years ;)

Cool frog, wish I could help you identify it. That sunflower pic is awesome! Strange how it just grew out of nowhere. Musta been dropped out of a birdy's mouth. I'm sure you have bird feeder's around with sunflower seeds in the mix.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Yarn-a-holic's husband said...

Okay, upon careful review, I will admit that the frog on our deck is not a barking tree frog. I am think this is actually a Gray Tree Frog. Here's a URL to a photo and the call of the Gray Tree Frog:
I think the patterning on the back of our frog is very close to the patterning on the specimen photos on that webpage. Now we just need to set up late at night and see if we can positively i.d. the call of the frog. :)

12:05 PM  

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