Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looking to SAFF

The Internet is buzzing with talk of SAFF and plans for blogger meetups. Jen of JenLa has a reference page for those of us here in the southeast providing information about who's attending, etc. If you're going, ask Jen pretty please to add your name to the list. Those of you on Ravelry will also find SAFF chatter in several forums. Katey is trying to arrange a place for all of us to arange our take over meet at SAFF.

It's too freaking hot here to go outside and take pictures. I'm sorry; I don't get to be in charge of the weather, or it would be sunny, cool, and breezy. Suffice it to say that I'm still knitting the Monkey socks, but they are on hold until I can duct tape Daughter to a chair and get her to try them on for length. I've also resurrected a UFO scarf from my project basket. It's a skull and crossbones illusion scarf I started in January. I'm half way done with it and hope to finish it off before too long...if I can just figure out the last row I knitted.

Who else is anxiously waiting for the release of the final MS 3 clue tomorrow? I can't wait to finish this one up and see how it turns out after blocking.


Blogger Zonda said...

Heh! You are going!!! I'm gonna be there! Look forward to meeting you! I can't wait to go, my first fiber fest....

5:16 PM  

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