Sunday, January 23, 2005


I KNEW that Hook 'n Needle in Columbia was having their "big sale" last weekend, so I purposely went out of town hours away from Columbia. Today is father-in-law's birthday, though, so we had to make a trip to Columbia yesterday. And husband wanted to stop over at Hook 'n Needle to see Maureen and the other ladies. I never turn down an opportunity to go to a great yarn shop, so off we went. That darned Maureen! She was STILL running her sale--everything in the store 35% off, and she meant everything. I used control. I got out of there for only $77. I also got out of there with my birthday present, even though my birthday isn't until next month!! I won't tell you now what I'm getting, because I've instructed husband to take these wonderful goodies and hide them from me until my big day!

I will tell you that I walked out of the store with three divine hanks of Mountain colors yarn, two 4/8s and a Weaver's Wool for only $11.70 a hank. Mmmmm. It's lucious. I'll try to get a photo later. One hank of this yarn is for daughter to use to make a scarf. It seems a number of the girls in her grade have taken up knitting--with Red Heart yarn and Boye needles--and daughter wants to take this "real" yarn (on bamboo needles, my little knitting snob) to school to show them what wonderful things are out there for a "serious" knitter ! Here's the yarn we got:

The colorways are Marias Falls, Columbine, and Moondance.

Father-in-law turns 72 today. We had a nice visit with him and mother-in-law last night. I took him some nice felted slippers that I'd made, and we all went out for dinner at Red Lobster. We had a great time and enjoyed each other's company.

Today would have been my dad's 62 birthday. Cancer took him from us in September 2000. I don't think I'll ever stop missing him. He was one of the most wonderful men that has ever walked this earth. I love you, Daddy.

Here is a photo of my brother's felted clogs. They are almost dry. I hope they fit!!

Today is a cold one here in SC, so I'm hoping our little family will spend it at home. Visions of sitting around in PJs spinning and knitting seems wonderful to me!


Blogger Vera said...

Lovely yarn. I haven't been to the store in Columbia yet, but will be up there for the Knitting Holiday that the guild in Columbia is sponsoring the first weekend in March.

Vera's Crafty Blog

1:54 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Love the felted slippers. They look comfy and I absolutely love that color of blue. Great work!

7:36 PM  

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