Monday, January 24, 2005

It Must Be Monday

I have a sick child home with me today. Poor dear is running a fever and coughing. She loves school so much and really put up a fuss when I told her she had to stay home. I think she's enjoying sitting on the sofa in blankets watching TV, though. I'm doing my best to keep working and pamper her, too. Thank goodness it's a quiet day in my office.

The other reason I know it's Monday is that when husband went out to crank his truck this morning, it wouldn't. He fiddled with the battery and finally ended up driving my SUV to Wal Mart to get jumper cables. He got his truck cranked, went to school to pick up daughter's books, came back home to drop them off, and then went on to work. I hope he can get cranked this afternoon.

Remember that nice, brightly colored New Zealand wool yarn I bought last weekend? I started knitting it into a scarf for daughter. I'm using alternating bands of garter stitch and twisted drop stitch. I'm pleased with the way it looks and just hope I have enough yarn to finish it off. If not, husband will be back at Wild Fibre in another couple of weeks, so he can get me another skein. As you can see, I'll need to do some blocking of the scarf: Here is a picture:

and here is a close up detail of the stitches. The twist isn't that noticeable, but I find it quicker to work the twisted drop than a regular drop stitch.

Those are Bryspun needles, US size 11. I'm not positive how I feel about the needles. These seem a little top heavy.

Guess what husband is getting for his birthday (which is about 3 weeks away!)? He is getting one of the Bosworths' famous Moosie spindles. Click the link and then scroll almost all the way to the bottom of the page to see the Moosies. Sheila and Jonathon Bosworth (makers of the famous Journey Wheel) get naturally shed moose antlers which they spin into spindle whorls and make drop spindles. The Bosworth spindles are supposed to be top of the line (I don't drop spindle, so I'm going on word of mouth) and the Moosies in particular are much in demand. I'm so pleased to be able to give something this special to husband in honor of his 40th birthday. We're also on the waiting list for Woolie Mammoth spindles!

Yesterday, instead of all that spinning and knitting I planned to do, I inventoried my yarn stash. I've been giving Knitable a test run, so I put the inventory there. I found yarn I forgot I had, but I also seem to be missing a couple of skeins that I don't remember using. It has to be here somewhere. I've not been under the bed yet! :-) I believe that I'll be de-stashing a lot of yarn, mostly novelty type yarn.

I have set up a web page with contact information for my favorite South Carolina and Georgia yarn shops. You can access the page here. Right now, I just have address and phone information, the owner's name, and a brief note about the shops. I am hoping to add reviews for each one at a later date. I'll also be posting the link to my index page in the links section of this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodness, that scarf is GLORIOUS! I'm a brightcoloraddict, so it really appeals to me. Hope your little one feels better soon!


7:07 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

very pretty donna---the colors are so cheerful!

9:18 PM  

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