Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's Jack's Fault!

I've never been one to watch "reality" television and then Outback Jack waltzed into my life with his gorgeous abs and his Australian accent. I faithfully tuned in every week to catch Jack's exploits with that group of American women out to win his.....heart. Having a 12 year old in the house has just forced me to watch more reality television. She currently has me hooked on The Simple Life Interns (gotta love Paris and Nicole), American Idol, and the newest season of Survivor.

Any other American Idol fans around? Geez but I wish they'd send that darned Mikhala home. How can one person get so darned annoying in 16 short years of life? Simon hit the nail on the head the other night when he said half the audience will find her amazing and half the audience will find her annoying. I'm afraid we're stuck with this kid on Idol for at least a while longer just because her annoyance factor draws viewers. Of the women on Idol, Carrie and Nadia are my favorites.

The male Idols have their own annoying soul, too, in the form of Scott. I swear, he reminds me of the serial killer in cop shows. It's time to send him on his merry way, I think! I'm not a rock fan, but I do like Bo. I've not developed a true favorite among the guys, but Bo and the blonde guy with glasses are two that I like better than the others.

There certainly has been a change in the weather here over night. Yesterday was warm in the 70s and today is chilly and rainy with temperatures in the 50s. I can't say that I mind. I hate spring and am not ready for it yet. It is one of those "wish I could sleep in" kind of days today though. Here's one good thing about spring. Shay has lambs!

This is a fiber blog, so I guess I'd better talk fiber, eh? I finished the gusset decreases in that blasted sock last night. I compared the sock in progress to the finished one, and it looks like I have 7 pattern repeats (or 28 rounds) to go before the toe decreases. If all goes well, that means another two nights of knitting and that damnable thing is done.


Anonymous Kim said...


I am watching American Idol also. I can't remember the people's names yet, but it won't be long until I can pinpoint who I don't like. I think Mikhala is annoying also (I am part of that part of the audience). I like the black girl with the big hair and the one who sang last (I think... she was wearing read and has long dark hair). Of the guys, I like Bo (he nailed that song) the most, guess.

I am ready for this nasty wintery weather to go away. It has been grey here more days than not, and it has started to get me down. We did have one of those pretty 70s days and today it is bleck outside.

DH and I laughed that the babe would be born on Groundhog Day and that she would poke her head out and see a shadow. She only missed it by 3 hours and 12 minutes!

Take care!

3:47 PM  

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