Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sundays Are For Doing Nothing

What a lovely day we've had here! It's rainy and cold outside, and I imagine that contributed to not one of the three of us wanting to do a thing! Daughter has been in her jammies all day which is a blissful way to spend a day. Husband washed some fleece last night and has been carding and combing it all day. I piddled at cleaning again today but didn't make it any further than the storage drawer in my file cabinet and the stacks of stuff that used to be under my desk. We have one more bag for Salvation Army! I'll tackle the office closet maybe one night this week. Oh, I did re-arrange the furniture in the living room, but that only took 15 minutes.

I've made zero progress on the Market Squares Bag. It has been such a lazy day that I didn't even feel like casting on. Perhaps tonight. I think I have decided what order to use my colors. I've joined a Yahoo group KAL for the bag. Speaking of Yahoo groups, I left the rude group! Life's too short, and since they were not very interesting anyway...


Blogger Carolyn said...

Good for you for leaving the Yahoo Group! It seems like most people think today they can say anything they like without regard for other people's feelings. Some people just lack character, I am afraid to say.

Yep, we used acid dyes and had soaked the yarn in vinegar water before starting and added more vinegar before steaming it.

5:59 PM  

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