Saturday, July 23, 2005

Change of Plans

Still no good mail today. You knw what that means, right? My package will come next week, and I'll be too busy to use the spindle. *sigh*

Got a call that my brother couldn't come visit today. He is a counselor (currently working in an elementary school) and trying to open a private practice. He got hung up sorting some things out with his first client. (Yay for a first client!) His girlfriend had a plumbing problem and was waiting on the plumber. (Boo for needing a plumber on the weekend.)

The lack of company means that not only did we check out the great sale at Hook 'n Needle (at least 25% off everything in the store), we also stopped by AC Moore and went out to lunch. (Avoid the Zorba the Greek restaurant in the Irmo area--nasty food, so-so service.)

I'll post pictures later this weekend of our haul at H 'n N. I got Knitting Around by EZ which I highly recommend. I also picked up a new Lantern Moon basket. It's a square basket lined in a silky material with a draw string top. I needed some metal straights for my dish cloth fetish and got three pairs of Inox. The seem pretty nice. We have various assorted yarns, too, most of it from the clearance baskets. AC Moore yielded some dish cloth cotton and drawing materials for daughter.


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