Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunny Sunday

How's that for an original post topic? I looked out the window, and it just seemed obvious. Today is a gorgeous, sunny day, though I'd be as happy if it were pouring buckets. GA/SC is still in a severe drought, and we could really use the rain. We drove up to Atlanta yesterday for our guild meeting, and it was painfully obvious from looking at the lake on the way how water deprived the area really is. One of our guild shepherds was talking about the hay shortage and having to haul in water to keep her flock going. Anybody want to take up rain dancing? What could it hurt?

We had a wonderful time at our guild meeting yesterday and got to visit with a lot of friends. It was especially nice to have some time to sit and chat with Hockeymom. Claudia was there, too, and I don't know which other bloggers. Yesterday was the annual flea market, and I managed to escape without too much financial damage.

After the meeting, we headed back toward home with, of course, a stop at teenage girl heaven (aka THE MALL) planned. We'd not eaten lunch prior to the guild meeting and all three of us agreed that shopping on an empty stomach was not optimal. We had a wonderful steak dinner at Bugaboo Creek Steak House. We'd never been to this restaurant or even heard of it. The decor was warm and cozy, kind of a Canadian Rockies thing going on. I wish we'd had room for dessert, because that giant chocolate chip cookie topped with icecream served in a cast iron skillet looked mighty tasty.

With our stomachs pleasantly full, we went in search of "dress clothes" for the girl. We made out pretty well on the sale racks at Macy's, splurged a tiny bit at Dillards, and finished up the evening with a stop at DSW Shoe Store. I think we did well.


Blogger Carolyn said...

It sounds like you all had a great day!! It's good to hear a review on the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. There is one in Fayetteville, GA where my stepmom lives, but I never had heard much about it. Thanks for the review!

1:37 PM  

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